Pattern Making
We use traditional techniques to create patterns from your original concepts and ideas, ensuring to involve you at every step of the process.

We will firstly discuss your original ideas with you to gain an understanding of what you want your finished garment to be. From our discussions, we will work to create your first concept pattern, from which  a working toile will be produced - the most important stage in a garments development. The working toile will be your opportunity to visualise your garment for the first time, and importantly make any alterations prior to finalising your garments design and fit.

Following a final discussion and your approval, we can then complete your hand-cut working pattern.

Pattern Grading

Whether you are looking for garments to be graded to standard sizing or your brands specified increments, we offer a bespoke hand-cut pattern grading service. We will use your finalised working pattern, either developed by us or an alternative source, to ensure accuracy across your garments entire size-range.

Pattern Amendments

If you have an existing pattern in need of fit improvements, or you would like a garment reworked and refreshed to breathe new life into a previously successful style, we can alter your current pattern to your specifications. This can be an economical and resourceful way of developing a style through enhancement of an earlier concept.

Production Sampling

We can provide production samples made from your final pattern whether provided by us or developed elsewhere.  We have a range of sewing and finishing equipment to produce your sample to a high standard. Through discussion, we can agree on or recommend the use of specific machinery and finishes to achieve the best construction of the garment. This allows you to see the new style in its final form for the first time and assess its quality and performance. The production sample will serve as the template for the standard of finish expected from your chosen manufacturer going forward.

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